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We need the sea lanes to stay open and the arteries of global commerce to remain free. Parliament our priorities are to deter statebased threats, tackle terrorism, remain. National security strategy december 2017 open pdf 2 mb alternate title. National security strategy of the united states of america this national security strategy sets a positive strategic direction for the united states that is meant to reassert americas advantages on the world stage and to build upon our countrys great strengths. Improvised nonviolent struggle and civilian based defense. Frances energy security is dependent on reliable supply, i. National security through civilianbased defense icnc. The maintenance of a free press, for example, or keeping the invaders. National security through civilianbased defense omaha. East berlin demanding free elections, a free press, and civil rights. National security through civilianbased defense 35 questions about the applicability of civilianbased defense 37. Furthermore, a civilianbased nonviolent defense and resistance movement. An act to promote the national security by providing for a secretary of defense. Instead of military weaponry, civilianbased defense applies the power of society itself to deter and defend against internal usurpations and foreign invaders.

The spread of new civilian and dualuse civilian and military technologies. National security strategy and strategic defence and security. Our national security depends on our economic security, and vice. Pdf countering hybrid warfare with civilianbased defense and. This version will have the text ocrd by the internet archive for download as pdf. Improvised nonviolent struggle and civilianbased defense. Better cooperation in view of the new security challenges speech by nato. Association for transarmament studies, c1985 pdf at sharp, gene. Deterrence and defense are to be accomplished by civilian forms. The national security act of 1947 july 26, 1947 public law 253, 80th congress. Making the abolition of war a realistic goal c1980 pdf at sharp, gene. In the discussion that follows, wolfers specifications will be developed and set in the context of more recent literature.

The weapons are psychological, social, economic, and political. Gene sharp, national security through civilianbased defense. This calls for a clearsighted approach to priorities based on the. National security through civilian based defense english. Civilianbased defense or social defence describes nonmilitary action by a society or social. Making the abolition of war a realistic goal c1980 pdf at. This is true even for highly industrialized western euro pean countries, and the matter is more extreme for less developed countries. This unclassified synopsis of the classified 2018 national defense strategy. A wikipedia article about this author is available sharp, gene. At the same time, local conflicts have gained worldwide significance and led to direct involvement in one form or another by the superpowers. Albert einstein institution, 2003, also by bruce jenkins pdf at sharp, gene. The women and men serving defence and national security.

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