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Sphere break is a minigame in ffx2, just like card. Final fantasy x2sphere break strategywiki, the video game. Farplane final fantasy x final fantasy wiki fandom. Breadwinner vr, break arcade games out, break arts ii, break chance. Nov 18, 2003 this page contains final fantasy x 2 hints for playstation 2 called get baralais sphere and has been posted or updated on dec 30, 2006 by joelipoo. Apr 21, 2018 farplane is a memory editing tool for final fantasy xx 2 hd remaster. Final fantasy x x2 hd remaster ffx faqwalkthrough by keyblade999 version v1. Mathematical skills and a quick mind are what is needed to beat the sphere break players at their favorite game. Not hard to find 3 numbers that are a multple of x and just do it every turn. The mechanics of the minigame are purely mathematical, relying on sums and multiplications. Ffx2 sphere break cheat if youre having trouble with sphere break you can hit escape and pause the timer and then do the maths. Guide ffx2 sphere break cheat sheet steam community.

Although farplane doesnt edit any files, always keep a backup of your saved data, and it is recommended that you use a different save slot where possible. Dec 09, 2016 final fantasy x 2 part 7 farplane abyss shuyin musical note puzzle pt. Now, im stuck there, i cant use the pianos again and i still have a little red guard thing that wont let me pass. Dear diary, we went after another treasure sphere, but this one was in zanarkand.

How to beat farplane abyss musical puzzle, final fantasy x. Sphere break is a minigame in ffx 2, just like card games in the past ffs. Once you find one, you can view it by talking to shinra on board the celsius. Save, then return to the celsius yes, you can go back, and youll need it for 100%. Choose move if you wish to move that character around the grid. And if we attempted to walk through the barriers we were thrown back and then forced to fight a terrifying fiend called the azi dahakas. Collect the required number of points in no more than the number of turns allowed to win the game. Home final fantasy x 2 treasure and crimson spheres there are 22 treasure spheres to be found in final fantasy x 2. Feb 26, 2017 each bolded number ontop of the columns in the cheat sheet below represents the center core number in sphere break. Central blue coin sphere break sb multiplier center 4 brown coins player chosen outside 12 greyblack coins border coins bcs game play basics. A lot of people seem to find this really difficult, the trick is simply to make sure you use the same number of coins in every turn for the echo. Register yourself as a member of eyes on final fantasy in order to post, have less ads, be able to read more thread replies per page, and much much more. Ronso rampage some of the younger ronso are planning on defying kimahris orders and attacking the guado.

Final fantasy x2farplane strategywiki, the video game. It originally started out of a desire for a tool to easily edit creature abilities in final fantasy x 2, but i have decided to expand the scope of the app to include a number of other features, editors and cheats. Hey guys, i am working on a memory editor for ffx x 2 to change things such as items, accessories, stats, and so on. The game is a remake of the 1997 ps1 game final fantasy vii and will be made a multipart series, with the first entry released for ps4 on april 10, 2020. Final fantasy vii remake is an action rpg developed and published by square enix. You dont really have to worry about your opponent so much as the time and turn limits.

This is all the sphere break coins with there coin number,trait and where you get them. Normally ffx2 doesnt let you pause startb to avoid this. Only way you lose is rng from the center number being 1 honestly. Go and speak with the other person nearby for another save, then use the save sphere.

To win at sphere break every time you play all you need is the four basic coins you get when you first start playing and an iron giant coin. Tournament if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. Back at the farplane glen we stepped through the swirling vortex into the heart of the farplane. Well not really because you go to the same place and if you jumped in a hole you can always jump into a different one afterwards by talking to brother on the airship thats how you get a garment grid i forget which one but i think the only differences are the aeon scenes and like how you get there. I found with sphere break just ignore the fancy mechanics and keep it simple. Spirits enter the farplane either after they have been sent by one like a summoner or a sender, or have long accepted their death. You can max out characters stats on both grids, but the number of extra and empty nodes on the standard grid makes it an easier challenge to accomplish. When you select move, the illuminated circles indicate how far you can move based on your current sphere level. When this one stops, jump off to the right to hear a note, then jump left and youll continue flying. Each bolded number ontop of the columns in the cheat sheet below represents the center core number in sphere break.

Final fantasy brave exvius is a freetoplay mobile roleplaying game developed by alim and published by square enix for ios and android devices. Welcome to elliotmajors ffx 2 dressphere location and uses guide there are a total of 14 normal dresspheres and 3 special dress sphere, the normal ones realte to the jobs you would usually get in an ff i. The four fields around the core sphere are reserved for the entry coins. Leblanc, ormi, and logos will be waiting for the gullwings. It really hurt to see how this place has been turned into a tourist attraction. May 19, 2016 i beat him first try without a calculator. This allows characters to do doubledamage strikes from behind. Backtrack to the save sphere and use the stone to its right.

Nov 08, 2008 okay, so, i love playing my ffx 2 and i made it all the way to the farplane abyss with those little piano thingys i did that, then lost my game. Basically, sphere break is a game thats all about sums and multiplications. After a cutscene, youll find yuna in the middle of a familiar meadow. Once anima is defeated, head to the end of the platform to the farplane glen. Bevelle, chapter 3 collect from vegnagun area before visiting the djose hotspot. Locationbikanel desertwestern expanse and southern expanse or listen to the explanation in luca statiumbasement b. To win this sphere, players must beat the standard cup in the coliseum. One of the side quests in final fantasy x2 is to play in the sphere break tournament.

Original story featuring my own characters, set in the ffx universe which im borrowing for a bit, six years after the original game. Yuna the farplane is a location in the world of spira in final fantasy x and final fantasy x2. Final fantasy x2 takes place three years after the end of final fantasy x. An underworld below the surface, it is a gathering place for the dead.

After beating three random players, yuna can take on shinra to win the. Iron giant coins can be won by playing the guy right behind the little guy you get your first coins fromhe cannot be played until chapter 2. The main game is broken into 5 chapters, each with a variety of locations to visit and actions to undertake before being completed. Apr 02, 2014 final fantasy x 2 takes place three years after the end of final fantasy x. Helm coin 1 zurvan coin 5 coyote coin 3 coin flan coin 2 item locationlucaparticipate in the sphere break tournament. As the project is still in development and likely will be for quite some time you may encounter bugs or crashes. Game for improper children, 3 coins at school, 3 days in the abyss, 3 days. This isnt the beginning of a new series, probably, but there was a few things about ik garland that i wanted to point in regards to his arena performance. Collect coins while diigging in the bikanel desert or win them in matches. Steam community guide ffx2 sphere break cheat sheet. Mar 28, 2014 youll want to get the psychic dressphere for its teleport ability which allows combatants to reposition themselves in battle. Get baralais sphere final fantasy x2 hints for playstation 2. Since the defeat of sin, yuna has joined a group of sphere hunters with rikku and a mysterious woman named paine. However, it will allow you to quickly explore solutions that can keep your echo streaks alive.

Final fantasy x2 hd sphere break farplane core sphere. It contains roughly fifty more nodes than the expert sphere grid, which makes it ideal for maxing out stats. This tool was developed after many frustrating hours trying to beat the sphere break elites. Farplane is a memory editing tool for final fantasy xx2 hd remaster. Sphere break is a minigame in ffx2, just like card games in the past ffs. Wren is a sphere recorder whose dream is to retrace the steps of former summoners and share whatever she might find with the world. The other bonus of the standard sphere grid is the sheer amount of nodes on it. Final fantasy brave exvius wiki is a communitymaintained wiki about final fantasy brave exvius, a freetoplay mobile roleplaying game developed by alim and published by square enix for ios and android devices. Have you ever been really fed up with trying to beat shinra in sphere break, wasting long amounts of time and attempts with no success. Sphere break is a newly established coingame in final fantasy x2. A multiplier echo of 2 is relatively easy to carry out and defeat even the hardest level of sphere break. Return to the destruction sphere you find moments ago and place it where the besaid sphere was to open a secret room. I already defeated the magus sisters and the dark anima the one with the oblivion skill.

At the point when it stops, leap off to the left, then go up. I am at the moving music platforms already and once i have reached the top there is some sort of portal or gate there is a fiend or monster blocking it and i have to battle with it to get through. Ff x2 sphere break calculator final fantasy xx2 hd. Go to the bikanel desert and dig in the following places western expanse. If you havent gone past the calm land yet do that and continue till you get the airship and keep capturing 10 of each monster but for starter just till you get at lest one of each monster in all areas and work on getting hp at 9999 and keep on using. Drop that beat like an ugly baby 1 hit kill 1 moment. Ffx2 dressphere locations and uses spoliers just like most.

If a number is in parenthesis, this means it will be a number on the outer edge of coins, if not it will be one of the four center coins you have. First off, theres the obvious skill chains of rebirth. A spinoff of the final fantasy series, the game marks as the first collaborative effort between square enix and alim and draws elements from alims previous game, brave frontier. How to achieve 100% completion in final fantasy x2 hd. Instead of following the old system of card games, in which you can win easily if you have got some rare cards in your hand. Fool proof sphere break win every time final fantasy x2. I talked with the tourists a little, had to climb the hill to get to a few and who do you suppose id find.

Let me be clear it will not guarantee you a victory every time you play, as some luck is needed against some opponents especially the elites, where a random core1 in the middle of the game will annihilate your chances of a victory. At this point you can use the save sphere nearby to return to the celsius and travel through the farplane using another route as mentioned. There are lots of coins there, and you might find different treasures. Speak to each of them to find out some information on the farplane. Final fantasy x2 part 7 farplane abyss shuyin musical note puzzle pt. What she uncovers is a little more than she or her new friends ever bargained for. Ffx2 readable sphere break coins at final fantasy xx2 hd. Final fantasy x2 sphere break sphere break can be a rather confusing game when you first start playing. Final fantasy x2 ultimate sphere break guide version 1. Nov 18, 2003 fool proof sphere break win every time from. Final fantasy x hd remaster ost youtube final fantasy x2 eternity memory of lightwaves extended w dl link.

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