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Welcome to the sans security policy resource page, a consensus research project of the sans community. Its primary purpose is to enable all lse staff and students to understand both their legal. Agencies are strongly recommended to use this document as a basis template for their information security policy. Template information security policy office of the state archivist. Defines standards for minimal security configuration for routers and switches inside a production network, or used in a production capacity. This policy defines to whom it applies and under what circumstances, and it will include the definition of a breach, staff roles and responsibilities, standards and metrics e.

Security policy template 7 free word, pdf document downloads. Sans institute information security policy templates general. As can be seen from the above, agency specific policy statements can be added and the blue textgrey box can be deleted. This document provides a uniform set of information security policies for using the. This policy outlines the requirements for data leakage prevention, a focus for the. The chief information security officer ciso is responsible for articulating the is policy that bank uses to protect the information assets apart from coordinating the security related issues within the organisation as well as relevant external agencies. The protection of the valuable information of the organization. Sans institute information security policy templates. A security policy template enables safeguarding information belonging to the organization by forming security policies. In addition, this document also provides context to the mandatory clauses by structuring them within an example information security policy, with additional. These security policy templates are definitely free and will help you prevent serious. Information security policy, procedures, guidelines state of.

This information security policy outlines lses approach to information security. Public examples include any data deemed applicable under the. Information security policy janalakshmi financial services. Web site defacement is a commonly reported example of this threat. Security policy template 7 free word, pdf document. The information security policy below provides the framework by which we take account of these principles. The policies will focus on protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of the network. In any organization, a variety of security issues can arise which may be due to improper information sharing, data transfer, damage to the property or assets, breaching of network security, etc. The information security policy set out bellow is an important milestone in the journey towards effective and efficient information security management. Youll find a great set of resources posted here already.

The framework for managing information security in this policy applies to all ecips entities and staff, and other involved persons and all involved systems. It sets out the responsibilities we have as an institution, as managers and as individuals. The ultimate goal of the project is to offer everything you need for rapid development and implementation of information security policies. The ciso shall not be a member of it department and shall be a member of risk department. Its primary objective is user awareness and to avoid accidental loss scenarios. Its very important to protect the assets of a company. A wellwritten security policy should serve as a valuable document of instruction.

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